Astrology and the Body

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Which signs and planets rule the parts of the body?

Astrology and the Body

There are many more correspondences than listed here, but these are a few of the major indicators.
Aries and Mars rule the head, the face, blood.
Taurus and Venus rule the throat, neck, thyroid.
Gemini and Mercury rule the hands,arms,lungs, nervous system.
Cancer and the Moon rule the breast, stomach, uterus.
Leo and the Sun, the heart, the back, spleen.
Virgo and Mercury the intestines, pancreas, abdomen.
Libra and Venus rule the kidneys, ovaries, adrenals.
Scorpio and Pluto rule the sex organs, colon, sex glands.
Sagittarius and Jupiter rule the liver, thighs, lower spine.
Capricorn and Saturn rule the bones, teeth, gallbladder.
Aquarius and Uranus rule circulation, lower legs, nerve function.
Pisces and Neptune rule the feet, the immune system, body fluids.



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