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What does my sign mean? I`m a pisces and whenever i try to find out what my sign means it jsut comes up with my daily horoscope.

Pisces - The Sign of the Fish

Pisces, born Feb 20-Mar 20, is symbolized by two fish. It is considered a water sign, and ruled by the planet Neptune.

Pisces people are usually very emotional, sensitive, good listeners, compassionate, and social. Sometimes they find it hard to make descisions, because they are excellent at seeing all sides to a question or problem. For the same reason, they can be riddled with worry. Pisces usually see only the good in other people, and are artistic, charitable, and merciful.

Because Pisces are good at looking at all parts of an issue, they can be procrastinators and often feel pulled in two directions. They can also be somewhat lazy and self-absorbed. Because they are so giving, they can be taken advantage of.

I`m a scorpio and I`m trying to find out what scorpio is.

Scorpio - The Sign of the Scorpion

Scorpios, born October 23-November 21, are very serious learners. They tend to be very black and white people, concerned with beginnings and endings, and unafraid of both. They are very curious, making them adept investigators.

Represented by the scorpion, Scorpios have the same kinds of regenerative powers their symbol does; they can bounce back and reinvent themselves very well, much like a scorpion can regrow its own tail. They are passionate and focused, making them good executives. They work hard so they can eventually be satisfied with the fruits of their labor.

Scorpios can be very secretive, and very complex, making them not overly forthcoming with answers about themselves. They are very resourceful as well.

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