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What does Mercury in Scorpio mean?

Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury in Scorpio is highly perceptive and intuitive in communication. Mercury in this sign listens deeply but does not reveal as much as it takes in. People with Mercury in this sign are always learning, so the best aid to learning is simply to provide all the information, knowing that it will be questioned and investigated. The speech mode is often blunt and sarcastic, suddenly revealing amazing depths of perception.

What does Mercury in Virgo mean?

Mercury in Virgo

Mercury in Virgo is a precise and logical way of communicating. Mercury rules Virgo and so is exhalted here. Mercury in Virgo people like to be clearly understood and will search through a dictionary for exactly the right word to convey their meaning. They make excellent technical writers because of their attention to detail. They like to travel with as little fuss as possible, making all the arrangements well in advance. Learning goes easier with rewards such as certificates and good marks.

What is Mercury in the Twelfth House?

Mercury in the Twelfth House (sacrifice, institutions)

Mercury in the Twelfth House has psychic abilities, and can "tune" into others, especially if they are in pain. There may be an interest in psychology or healing, particularly dealing with young people. People with Mercury in this house are imaginative and creative.

What does Mercury in Sagittarius mean?

Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury in Sagittarius is a great upholder of freedom of speech in communications. People with Mercury in this sign are interested in philosophy and religion, and have a natural affinity for other languages. They are likely to read voraciously. They make good teachers, but are inclined to change direction in mid-speech or career. Learning is often difficult because they get bored easily, but field trips and starting new projects revive interest. They love to travel.

What is Mercury in the First House?

Mercury in the First House

Mercury in the First House shows a talkative, adaptable approach to life. People within this area are quick with movements, hands are always busy, and they are always heading off somewhere.

What does Mercury in Pisces mean?

Mercury in Pisces

Mercury in Pisces is imaginative and intuitive in communications. People with Mercury in this sign are psychic and have the ability to "read" the atmosphere of a situation. Mercury here confers poetic and artistic ability as well as visionary qualities. This is a very sensitive sign, so they are easily wounded by cutting words, and will feel ill in an atmosphere of animosity. In times of trouble, they can usually find the right words to bring comfort to others. They love to travel, not always with a clear destination in mind. Learning must stimulate the imagination to be effective.

What does Mercury in Libra mean?

Mercury in Libra

Mercury in Libra is the diplomat and peacemaker of communications. The speech is refined and tries to avoid inflammatory comments. People with Mercury in Libra can usually win an argument by persuasion rather than force. But because Libra is the sign of balance, symbolised by the scales, they can take a long time weighing things up, giving rise to Libra's reputation for indecisiveness. The learning process is aided with visual cues, and a calm atmosphere.

What does Mercury in Capricorn mean?

Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury in Capricorn is critical and painstaking in communication. People with Mercury in this sign may give the impression that they have nothing good to say about anything, but in fact they take responsibility for their opinions very seriously. They like to be sure of their facts before they comment and so make good teachers and mentors. The Capricorn mind likes useful information, neatly filed for instant recall. Travel should be fuss free with a clear destination in mind. They learn better if they have clear goals.

What does Mercury in Aquarius mean?

Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury in Aquarius has a radical, free thinking outlook in communications. People with Mercury in this sign are true rebels, and can become attached to the most amazing theories. Their humanitarian ideals and outspoken adherence to their beliefs make them effective public speakers and leaders. The element of surprise delights them, so they often enjoy playing practical jokes. They become bored easily so learning should also have the element of surprise.

What is Mercury in the Ninth House?

Mercury in the Ninth House (travel, philosophy, higher learning)

Mercury in the Ninth House is insatiably curious about the world. People with this placement are likely to travel a lot in search of information, and keep a large reference library. They have an affinity for languages and may speak more than one.

What is Mercury in the Fourth House?

Mercury in the Fourth House (domestic matters, home, nurturing parent)

Mercury in the Fourth House enjoy communication in the home, and may have many sources of news happening at once, such as radio, TV and newspapers. The mother (or nurturing parent) is usually talkative and youthful. The home will be a place where early learning is encouraged.

What is Mercury in the Sixth House?

Mercury in the Sixth House (work, health)

Mercury in the Siixth House suggests a work environment where communication is the key, such as a news office. This is also an excellent placement for working in the health industry as it gives good communication of health and work issues.

What does Mercury in Cancer mean?

Mercury in Cancer

Mercury in the water sign of Cancer adds a psychic element to communications. While not as powerful as Scorpio and Pisces, these people can "pick up" on others' thought procsses, mainly through their feelings. People with Mercury in Cancer have long memories and can often recall early childhood quite vividly, so the impressions they receive at this time are important for the learning process.

What does Mercury in Leo mean?

Mercury in Leo

Mercury in Leo likes to have centre stage in communications. This is the sign of the actor and the orator and Mercury in Leo people are good public speakers, writers and teachers. They like to travel in style and visit historical sites. Learning goes easier for them if they get lots of praise when they do well.

What is Mercury in the Tenth House?

Mercury in the Tenth House (career, public life)

Mercury in the Tenth House is helpful for a career in communications, teaching or politics. This gives the "gift of the gab". There is also talent for manual occupations such as carpentry. People with this placement will tend to travel a lot in their career.

What is Mercury in the Third House?

Mercury in the Third House (siblings, neighbourhood, short distance travel)

Mercury in the Third House indicates the presence of childhood friends and/or siblings. Early learning is important, although the attention span may be short. There is writing ability with articles and short stories. Many short trips are likely.

What does Mercury in Gemini mean?

Mercury in Gemini

Mercury in Gemini is the sign of its rulership. Mercury here is very quick, mobile and adaptable. The minds of Mercury in Gemini people are constantly busy, the hands always in motion and they can jump from one topic to another in seconds. They can keep more than one topic on the agenda at a time and contribute intelligently to each, but they have trouble sticking with a project. They learn best with a "smorgasboard" technique.

What does Mercury in Taurus mean?

Mercury in Taurus

Mercury in Taurus has a slower and more deliberate way of thinking and communicating. Once a decision is made, however, it is very hard to shift. Because Taurus rules the throat, the speech is often very melodious, and has a kind of poetry to it. Because this is an earth sign, learning is better assimilated with practical examples.

What is Mercury in the Eleventh House?

Mercury in the Eleventh House (friends, groups, stepchildren)

Mercury in the Eleventh House indicates an eclectic, lively, youthful group of friends from many different backgrounds. People with this placement love to talk, and participate readily in discussions. They can be effective mentors for young people and stepchildren.

What is Mercury in the Seventh House?

Mercury in the Seventh House

With Mercury in the Seventh House, good communication in marriage or business partnership is a must. The first attraction is often on the mental plane. In business partnerships, these people are better suited to the marketing side.

How close is Mercury to the Sun in a chart?

Mercury in general

Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun, so it is never more than 28 degrees (one sign) away from that position. Mercury deals primarily with communication, through speech, writing, telephone, email etc. Mercury is the planet of the mind, and rules the hands. The position of Mercury in the chart shows how we start learning. Mercury moves quickly so it is used as a "timer" in predictive astrology. Mercury rules Gemini, Virgo and the Third House.

What is Mercury in the Second House?

Mercury in the Second House (money, possessions)

Mercury in the Second House indicates that money can be made through communications, such as writing or telemarketing, or through travel, such as providing travel services.

What is Mercury in the Fifth House?

Mercury in the Fifth House (children, love affairs, recreation)

Mercury in the Fifth House is creative and playful. There is likely to be an interest in writing and communicating for recreation, such as keeping a journal, joining chat rooms or collecting pen friends. This is a good placement for getting along with children, a talent that can become a profession as in teaching. In love, these people are fickle.

What does Mercury in Aries mean?

Mercury in Aries

Mercury in Aries shows a forceful, direct approach to communications. These people are not afraid to let you know what they think, and they can be impatient with slower mental processes. In early learning they need challenges, or they will lose interest quickly. Boredom and stress can cause headaches.

What is Mercury in the Eighth House?

Mercury in the Eighth House (sex, death, other peoples' money)

Mercury in the Eighth House is good at finding out secrets. People with this placement will enjoy delving into family history and may be the "archivist" of the family. They may be required to manage trust funds for younger family members.

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