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What does Saturn in Scorpio mean?

Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn in Scorpio places restrictions on the deep sexual desires and emotions of this sign. Hidden within those rings is a volcano of feeling which often may be better left capped. Saturn here will not thaw the chilly Scorpionic refusal to forgive and forget. Those with Saturn in Scorpio can discipline their emotions to the point where they appear to have none, but they still relish the thought that revenge is a dish best served cold. The Karmic lesson of Saturn in this sign is to endure, knowing that wisdom rises like the phoenix from the ashes of disappointment.

What does Saturn in Pisces mean?

Saturn in Pisces

Saturn in Pisces tries to limit the ocean, but the only boundaries the ocean knowns are the shores which it has shaped. People with Saturn in this sign may have a fear of the depths of the ocean, metaphorically and figuratively, but once immersed find that the only limits are their imaginations. The lesson of Saturn in this sign is that all great beauty entails sacrifice. "If you would discover new oceans, you must have the courage to lose sight of the shore."

What does Saturn in Aquarius mean?

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn in Aquarius is comfortable, because Aquarius has limits too, limits on what will be tolerated in the name of humanity. Saturn here helps Aquarius organise the causes this sign loves to espouse. People with Saturn in Aquarius will take their responsibilities as members of the human family very seriously. The lesson of Saturn in Aquarius is simple; "My freedom ends where yours begins."

What does Saturn in Sagittarius mean?

Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn in Sagittarius places restrictions on this sign's boundless desire for freedom. The natural desire of Sagittarius to wander at will is here placed within limits. Perhaps a certain lack in your life, financial or concerning mobility, holds you back. The karmic lesson here is that there are no limits on where the mind and soul can travel.

What does Saturn in the Third House mean?

Saturn in the Third House (siblings, early life)

Saturn in the Third House indicates someone who was "born old", perhaps burdened by care beyond their years at an early age. There may also be much older siblings indicated. Education may have been difficult in the early years because of restrictive circumstances.

What does Saturn in the Ninth House mean?

Saturn in Ninth House (travel, philosophy, higher learning)

Saturn in the Ninth House is well placed for serious study. People with Saturn in this house are committed to their religious beliefs, and may be critical of others. Travel for pleasure is rare, the main reasons being study or business.

What does Saturn in the Seventh House mean?

Saturn in the Seventh House (marriage, partnerships)

Saturn in the Seventh House is fortunate for partnerships in that it helps create stability, often with an older partner. But there can be feelings of restriction, and people with Saturn in the Seventh may feel as if their choices have been limited.

What does Saturn in the Second House mean?

Saturn in the Second House (money, possessions)

Saturn in the Second House advises careful and prudent investments and savings to build financial stability. People with Saturn in this house may feel restricted financially and that their true worth is not recognised. Money will be spent on goods that are limited in quantity but not in quality.

What does Saturn in Capricorn mean?

Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn is in the sign of its rulership, so it is comfortable with the expression of this sign. People with Saturn in Capricorn may feel life is hard, and that many obstacles stand in the way of success, but their serious, responsible approach to work will see their ambitions realized. The lesson of Saturn in Capricorn is often never fully perceived until the "getting of wisdom". As the years pass, many of the burdens taken so seriously in youth fall away and a growing understanding of what truly constitutes success takes their place.

What does Saturn in Gemini mean?

Saturn in Gemini

Saturn's restricting nature is uncomfortable in the flighty world of Gemini. This sign prefers not to be restricted in any way, and eagerly tastes of everything while not making a meal of any of it. The Karmic lesson of Saturn here is to apply more discipline and stability to Gemini's various interests, so that wisdom as well as knowledge is gained.

What does Saturn in the Fifth House mean?

Saturn in the Fifth House (children, love affairs, recreation)

Saturn in the Fifth House can restrict the number of children, or indicate a lack of children. People with Saturn in this house may find emotional rapport with older people. They take a rather serious view of life, giving themselves little time in which to relax and smell the flowers.

What does Saturn in Libra mean?

Saturn in Libra

Saturn in Libra places restrictions and limitations on partnerships. The partner may be older and hopefully wiser, or those with Saturn in Libra may develop a strong sense of justice and favor limiting the liberty of others for the comfort of all. The lesson of Saturn in Libra is to temper justice with wisdom.

What is Saturn in astrology?

Saturn in general

The ringed planet, Saturn, is visible in the night sky, and was known to the ancients. Long before it was discovered to be bound with rings, Saturn was seen as the planet of limitation and restriction; the sober Lord of Karma who brings around what comes around. Saturn orbits the Sun approximately every 30 years, and its return to its position in the birth chart coincides with three important life stages. Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn and is associated with hardwork, responsibility and the gaining of wisdom.

What does saturn in the Eleventh House mean?

Saturn in the Eleventh House (friends, groups, stepchildren)

Saturn in the Eleventh House limits the choice of friends to those who are tried and trusted. People in this house will prefer the company of older, more responsible people at all stages of their lives. Further responsibilities may be incurred by adopting or fostering children. They would be wise not to lend money to friends.

What does Saturn in the Twelfth House mean?

Saturn in the Twelfth House (sacrifice, institutions)

Saturn in the Twelfth House indicates a desire for periods of solitude and meditation. This can be a monastic influence. There may be distrust of older people, particularly the father, and a feeling of being burdened by suffering or sacrifice.

What does Saturn in Leo mean?

Saturn in Leo

Saturn in the sign of Leo tries to put boundaries on the ego. But the Sun (ruler of Leo) will shine even though confined by Saturn's restrictions. Saturn confers leadership qualities here and a sober sense of responsibility and duty. People with saturn in Leo uphold tradition. The Karmic lesson here is to surrender the ego to the greater good.

What does Saturn in Aries mean?

Saturn in Aries

Saturn combines well with the Martian fire of Aries, tempering the pioneering spirit with discipline. There are few obstacles that cannot be overcome, but people with Saturn in Aries may feel as if they are constantly butting against brick walls. The Karmic lesson here to learn Saturnian patience. "Everything comes to those who wait."

What does Saturn in Taurus mean?

Saturn in Taurus

Saturn in Taurus is at home in a stable earth sign. The Taurean desire for security is empowered by Saturn's circling rings, so those with Saturn in this sign tend to hang on to their possessions and move within small circles where they can realize their goals without too much effort. But the Karmic lesson fo Saturn in Taurus is to learn the true values of life.

What does Saturn in the Tenth House mean?

Saturn in the Tenth House (career, public life)

With Saturn in the Tenth House there is likely to be a lot of responsibility incurred with career choices. While this is excellent for advancement in the career, those with Saturn in this sign have to be very careful about their reputations. An older mentor may be a wise guide.

What does Saturn in Cancer mean?

Saturn in Cancer

Saturn in the Sign of Cancer is in its detriment. Saturn rules Capricorn, the opposite sign to Cancer, and generates fear in this Moon-ruled sign. Saturn represents limitation and restriction, while Cancer signifies nourishment and abundance. The lesson of Saturn in this sign is to be prepared for the lean times.

What does Saturn in the First House mean?

Saturn in the First House

Saturn in the First House tends to limit height. People with Saturn in this house give an impression of reserve at first meeting, may appear to lack confidence. Saturn rules skin, teeth and bones, so the physical appearance may be affected in some way, perhaps by a sensitivity to the Sun, or a very bony appearance.

What does Saturn in Virgo mean?

Saturn in Virgo

Saturn in Virgo is comfortable in an earth sign, where it supports Virgo's own self-imposed restrictions and limitations. Virgo's limits are those of nature. What is not natural, not in the nature of the thing, will not work. Saturn's influence will tend to extremes here, making Virgo even more fussy and nit-picking. The karmic lesson of Saturn here is move with the cycles of the seasons, and stay in tune with nature, and then those rings will become a satisfying circle.

What does Saturn in the Sixth House mean?

Saturn in the Sixth House (health, work)

Saturn in the Sixth House can indicate health problems with skin, teeth and bones. People with Saturn in this house win the respect of co-workers and employers for their diligence, but may not advance as far as they would like or make lasting friendships through work.

What does Saturn in the Fourth House mean?

Saturn in the Fourth House (domestic matters, home, the nurturing parent)

Saturn in the Fourth House indicates a lack of nurturing in early life. The mother may have been distant or absent in some way. There were probably financial restrictions which carry over into adult life as a fear of homelessness. These folks will live anywhere rather than be without a roof over their heads.

What does Saturn in the Eighth House mean?

Saturn in the Eighth House (sex, death, other peoples' money)

Saturn in the Eighth House may limit sexual expression, although it usually indicates one will live into old age. People with Saturn in this house may take responsibility for family or business finances, and for managing family estates.

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