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What does Mars in Gemini mean?

Mars in Gemini

Mars in Gemini is restless and active with a scathing tongue when angered. But usually there is good humour and a quick wit. It is not wise to engage Mars in Gemini in a verbal battle of wits, because they always win. The energy is likely to be scattered over too many projects at once, so some things will remained unfinished.

What does Mars in Scorpio mean?

Mars in Scorpio

Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio, so it is very powerful here, bringing out Scorpio's more agressive qualities. Mars in Scorpio people can be stubborn and vengeful, and are quite prepared to wait until the time is right to seek revenge. There is great sexual energy here, and physical activity can be sustained for long periods of time.

What does Mars in Aries mean?

Mars in Aries

Mars in Aries is in the sign of its rulership and very powerful here. It confers energy, physical prowess and an extremely competitive, combative nature. Care needs to be taken to guard against head injuries. Mars in Aries people may get into fights, so need to learn to control the Arian temper.

What does Mars in Taurus mean?

Mars in Taurus

Mars in The Venus-ruled sign of Taurus is stabilized and appreciative to beauty, but stubborn.
Mars here will stick with a project or relationship until the bitter end. There is too much energy for Taurean weight gain to be a real problem. It will all be muscle, as long as you keep using it!

What does Mars in Saggitarius mean?

Mars in Sagittarius

Mars in leggy Sagittarius has boundless energy, and enjoys a very active, sports-oriented lifestyle. Mars in Sagittarius people love to go adventuring around the globe, and find new extreme sports to try. They are fearless, but also lack any sensible caution at times. They make great walkers and hikers and are hard for slower signs to keep up with. The energy seems to have no limits.

What does Mars in Virgo mean?

Mars in Virgo

Mars in Virgo confers mechanical ability and knowledge. These people can be usually found fixing things. This is a very hardworking placement for Mars and the Virgo perfectionism makes them good employees. They like to see a project through to completion and get a great deal of satisfaction from a job well done.

What does Mars in the Fifth House mean?

Mars in the Fifth House

Mars in the Fifth House is an excellent placement for active enjoyment of life. These people enjoy taking a risk, whether its a punt at the gambling tables, or involvement in an extreme sport. The competitive instinct is strong and they prefer the company of people who will comptete at a high level. This can be a difficult placement for people with quiet, non-competitive children.

What does Mars in the Twelfth House mean?

Mars in the Twelfth House

Mars in the Twelfth House needs to spend its energy on service to others. This is a difficult placement for Mars because the energy here is easily dissipated and may become dependant on outside stimulants. The great strength and courage of this placement, when it is correctly channeled, can be of comfort to others in need, and a defender of the weak.

What does Mars in the First House mean?

Mars in the First House

Mars in the First House gives an aggressive demeanour. This needs to be channeled into harmless physical or sporting activity, as boredom can be a real problem and lead to trouble. But Mars here does confer confidence and the ability to actively seek a direction in life. This placement can indicate head injuries.

What does Mars in the Eleventh House mean?

Mars in the Eleventh House

Mars in the Eleventh House opens the door to enjoyment of the sporting, active life with like minded groups. Those with Mars in the Eleventh are not likely to hang out with couch potatoes. Women with Mars in the Eleventh will prefer the company of men and will not participate in sewing bees.

What does Mars in the Sixth House mean?

Mars in the Sixth House

Mars in the Sixth House makes for a hard and energetic worker, intolerant of laziness. Aggressive tendencies in the work place may cause problems with co-workers. Mars in this house has problems controlling its temper.

What does Mars in Libra mean?

Mars in Libra

Mars in Libra can either make a great diplomat, or someone who just loves a good argument! This venus-ruled sign does not like to be an only, so there will be active energy put into finding a compatible partner. The energy works in bursts though, as Mars is often too much for Libra to cope with.

What does Mars in the Seventh House mean?

Mars in the Seventh House

Mars in the Seventh House can make the arena of partnerships and relationships very combative and competitive. Mars here can be impatient and not willing to engage in dialogue, preferring action.

What does the planet Mars signify in astrology?


Mars is the "old soldier" of the zodiac, associated with the Roman God of War (Ares in Greek mythology). In the modern chart Mars symbolises the Yang principles of action, leadership, competitiveness and aggression, equally applicable to many women as well as men. But Mars is also associated with the males in a woman's life, such as sons, brothers and boyfriends

What does Mars in Capricorn mean?

Mars in Capricorn

Here the Martian energy is directed at personal goals and ambitions. Mars in Capricorn people make effective but very strict leaders. This is an ambitious placing that usually will not stop until it gets to the top. Obstacles will be pushed aside or climbed over. Mars in Capricorn people can be very cutting and sarcastic and subject to stress.

What does Mars in Aquarius mean?

Mars in Aquarius

Those with Mars in Aquarius are likely to take up a cause and fight for it tooth and nail. They make excellent group leaders, rallying the believers to tackle injustice head on. Mars in Aquarius has a keen sense of fair play, and can be useful judges in sporting events. The energy is restless and usually propels out of any situation that becomes too boring in search of new excitement.

What does Mars in Leo mean?

Mars in Leo

Mars in Leos make great leaders, especially for young people. There can be considerable sporting prowess, as they like to keep fit. Mars here likes to be the centre of attention so they also do well in the field of entertainment. The big generous Leo heart and the boundless Martian energy can make this combination a tireless worker for charity.

What does Mars in the Eighth House mean?

Mars in the Eighth House

Mars in the Eighth House is sexually energetic and actively seeks sexual excitement. There can be a desire to be "in charge" on matters of this house, particularly with finances. There is an element of risk taking and challenging death.

What does Mars in the Ninth House mean?

Mars in the Ninth House

Mars in the Ninth House actively seeks adventure in the wider world. This is a very restless placement for Mars and these people are not likely to sit still for long. They are easily bored and always moving on someplace. They love a challenge and are great defenders of freedom.

What does Mars in Cancer mean?

Mars in Cancer

Mars in Cancer defends the home front, and is a strong protector of the weak. There is a tendency to temper tantrums, and they can be moody and resentful without giving a reason. The energy works best in long bursts, but there is usually no problem in finishing a project, particularly if it involves the home and family.

What does Mars in the Tenth House mean?

Mars in the Tenth House

Mars in the Tenth House is the placement of the "self-made" man or woman who will overcome any challenge to realise their goals. This is a good placement for leadership, where the Mars energy works overtime to ensure everything is organized according to plan. People with Mars in the Tenth can be workaholics.

Whats does mars in the Fourth House mean?

Mars in the Fourth House

There can be accidents around the home and even violence with Mars in the Fourth House. The Martian territorialism is very pronounced here. Mars in the Fourth is a strong defender of home and country, but can be too aggressive for a peaceful atmosphere

Mars in the Third House

Mars in the Third House

Those with Mars in the Third House may have brothers with whom they share a competitive relationship. Mars here indicates an early interest in sports, and a need to keep active. Sitting behind a desk for too long will lead to boredom and inattention. There may be schoolyard fights, and bullying, if Mars is afflicted. These people need to learn to control their tempers while they are young.

What does Mars in Pisces mean?

Mars in Pisces

Mars energy is weakened in the diffusing sign of Pisces, where it does better providing the impetus to start a project than the will to finish it. Mars in Pisces people dream of great things but often just stay at the dreaming stage. Mars can aid creative visualization here, and can be helpful when it is used to create art.

What does Mars in the second House mean?

Mars in the Second House

Mars in the Second House of money and possessions shows an active and competitive drive to acquire material gain. People with Mars in the Second House are opportunistic and are willing to work to achieve their goals. But there can be a selfish, hedonistic streak. This can also indicate that money comes through the involvement of a man, or from Martian pursuits such as the military.

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