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How do you look for learning problems in a child´s chart?

Learning difficulties

Learning difficulties can be shown by a retrograde Mercury at birth, an afflicted Mercury or Third House, or planets in the 12th House.

Why is my child always bumping his/her head?

Head Bumps

If your child is always bumping his or her head, look for a prominent Mars or Aries in the chart, as well as any planets in the 1st house. All 3 correspond to the head. Especially, Mars or Aries as it can indicate a tendency to mild to severe head injuries, depending on other aspects.

Will my daughtrer be a tomboy?


Tomboy traits in little girls are often indicated by a strong Mars or Aries in the chart, and if Venus is in Aries you have no hope of getting her into frills and ribbons for very long. Her spirit of adventure will prevail.

Why are twins different astrologically?


Even a few moments difference in birth time can make a difference to the birth chart, putting the planets in different houses, possibly even different signs, with faster moving planets like the Moon and Mercury. All of this can mean twins have different personalities. For example, the first twin might be a Libra Rising, very charming and willing to co-operate, while the twin born a few minutes later would be in the first degrees of Scorpio, and tend to be more stubborn and secretive.

What is an Indigo Child?

Indigo Children

"Indigo Children" are believed to be heralds of the New Humanity. They are often diagnosed with ADD, or ADHD, and are difficult to discipline, but they are very bright. This is channelled information, not an astrological indication. To learn more, visit

How can I get along better with my child?


If you are having arguments with your child over schooling, goals or expectations, compare your charts. This will not only show how your attitudes differ, but why they do, and can point the way to a satisfactory compromise without a feeling of personal blame or accusation being attached.

Can I plan to have sun sign compatible children?

Compatibility planning

Planning your family for Sun Sign compatibility is not a good idea. All individuals are unique and so are their Natal Charts. The Sun Sign is only a small part of the whole, and does not guarantee compatibility.

Why is my child so different from his/her sun sign?

Your child's sun sign

A child will usually not exhibit Sun Sign traits until they are older. Look at the ascendant, planets there, and the ascendant ruler, as well as Mercury and any planets in the Third House and the Third House sign and ruler.

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