Mars in the Twelfth House

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What does Mars in the Twelfth House mean?

Mars in the Twelfth House

Mars in the Twelfth House needs to spend its energy on service to others. This is a difficult placement for Mars because the energy here is easily dissipated and may become dependant on outside stimulants. The great strength and courage of this placement, when it is correctly channeled, can be of comfort to others in need, and a defender of the weak.



10/10/2006 2:26:12 AM
Chompergirl said:

With Mars in the twelfth natally, I would agree this is true. Furthermore, if you are led around by the nose by anyone else, you will lose your energy. You have to be in charge of yourself. Also, I think a person with Mars in the 12th natally has to take charge of a reltionship with any men they meet or even know already and run into in a Mars in the twelfth situation - like at a hospital.

1/31/2007 8:37:23 PM
Kat said:

This is insightful. I seem to have a lot of things in my chart that say things like "comfort to others in need". I sure do that well, I must say. Mars is yet one more.

But yeah, doing for others has always served me well. Doing for myself (being a selfish Mars) always falls flat. It also makes me just plain uncomfortable.

Thank you!

9/28/2007 12:59:58 PM
KayC said:

Mars in the twelfth can be secretive--one may obscure one's real motivstion for action. This tendency can give rise to someone who bottles up anger and aggression, and who is quite reluctant to reveal his true intentions. This person can be unaware of a tendency to manipulate circumstances. Hidden enemies can be a problem. This is someone who may antagonize others without realizing it. Good strategist. Can find resources to get himself or others out of a difficult situation.


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