Jupiter in Pisces

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What does Jupiter in Pisces mean?

Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter in Pisces increases the sensitive, artistic nature of this sign. There can be quite marked psychic abilities. The lofty goals of Jupiter are well served in Pisces, where art and spirituality can reach beyond the limits of imagination. But there can be a tendency to lose touch with reality, or to become a "psychic sponge", soaking up too much of the atmosphere other people project so that you become tired and drained.



1/16/2009 5:54:39 PM
shelly said:

i have jupiter in pisces and since a child ive been into art and questioning religions and such. And i guess i could say that i have definately had some luck in those areas of my life.

4/10/2009 2:31:13 PM
julian said:

I have my jupiter in pisces and I find that my mind delves deep into psychology, literature and I have an inner ability to give guidance to the depressed and the misguided. I feel as if there is a lot inside me that is unknown even to me.


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