The Aspects

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What are the major aspects I should know?

The Aspects

There are five major aspects everyone should know.
THE CONJUNCTION: When two planets are at the same degree in the same sign. Thus, The Moon at 4 degrees Aries and Mercury at 4 degrees Aries is a conjunction. This is a powerful aspect.
THE SEXTILE: When Planets are at the same degree two signs apart. Thus Mars at 10 degrees Aries and Jupiter at 10 degrees Gemini are sextile. This aspect signifies opportunity.
THE SQUARE: When planets are at the same degree three signs apart. Thus The Sun at 15 degrees of Aries and the Moon at 15 degrees of Cancer are in square aspect. This aspect signifies challenges.
THE TRINE: When planets are at the same degree four signs apart. Thus Venus at 22 Aries and Mars at 22 Leo is a trine. This aspect signifies harmony.
OPPOSITION: When planets are at the same degree in opposite sign. This Saturn at 8 degrees Aries and the Moon at 8 degrees Libra are in opposition. This aspect signifies difficulty.



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