Finding Your Birth Time

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Finding Your Birth Time

The clock time of birth will make an astrology chart reading much more in-depth. Try to find the time of birth exactly, including the hour and minute and if AM or PM. It's well worth the effort.
If you simply cannot locate it then ask older relatives who might remember the time of your birth.
With a new sign rising on the ascendent about every 2 hours, "morning time" or "afternoon" is not exact
enough to bother with.
Ask them if it was day or night time, close to a meal time or other event.
If anyone in your family keeps a regular diary, they may have recorded it.
Approach the hospital for your birth records. These often give the time of birth.
Contact the Bureau of Vital Statistics in the city you were born in. They can take your name and other information and send you a copy of your birth certificate. Tell them you want the version with time of birth on it.
You can have your chart rectified by a qualified astrologer, but this is a very lengthy, expensive procedure.



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