Venus in the Eighth House

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What does venus in the Eighth House mean?

Venus in the Eighth House

Venus in the Eighth House may involve dangerous liaisons and affairs. People with Venus here are attracted by secrecy and intrigue. There may be a legacy of beautiful items such as furniture or jewellery handed down in the family.



2/6/2007 10:42:59 AM
Vishal Sood said:

In some cases it may not be such. what if Venus goes in 8th for Capricorns - 5th and 10th lord in 8th. 8th house relates to hidden or secret things in life. There may be some mystry related to children, work and legacy. Also Venus in 8th may give a calm and peaceful death!

10/30/2007 11:54:58 AM
Baldev Mahajan said:

venus in 8th house give hidden sex relations with many womens.And this relationship does not harm or spoil rhe family also. People come to know this relationship, when only a partner speak to public.


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