Pluto in Virgo, 1958-1972

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What was the effect of Pluto in Virgo?

Pluto in Virgo, 1958-1972

The transit of Pluto through Virgo was epitomized by the "Cold War", a chilly stand off between the forces of democracy and communism that brought the world to the brink of war in 1962, with the Cuban Missile Crisis. But the age of fire was over, for a while at least, and so war did not eventuate. There was a fascination with machinery, and technology, that began with the launch of Sputnik I in 1958 and culminated in the Moon Landing in 1972. This age saw the introduction of powerful computers as well as some earthshaking events, such as the assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King. The earth is not stable in Virgo, a mutable sign, so change was a powerful feature of the 1960s.



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