Neptune in the Twelfth House (sacrifice, institutions)

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What does Neptune in the Twelfth House mean?

Neptune in the Twelfth House (sacrifice, institutions)

Neptune in the Twelfth House idealizes the sacrifices and suffering of a generation. Neptune here can indicate psychic abilities, personal suffering and empathy with those who are affected by drugs, or imprisonment, or held in other institutions. But Neptune will not have a personal influence in the chart unless it is aspected by a personal planet, i.e. The Sun.



9/8/2006 12:10:32 AM
Nat said:

And what does it mean if Neptune is opposite the Sun and in the 12th? Not much info on a 12th house Neptune aspecting the Sun. And just how does one help those who are imprisoned? I'm a believer in the no rescue philosophy. The best way to avoid negative outcomes is to avoid negative people.


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