Neptune in the Tenth House

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What does Neptune in the Tenth House mean?

Neptune in the Tenth House

Neptune in the Tenth House idealizes the career and political aspirations of a generation. Neptune here indicates the ability to dream creatively and manifest success, but there can be confusion as to the chosen career. But Neptune will not be a personal influence in the chart unless it is aspected by a personal planet, i.e. Mars.



9/20/2007 2:35:20 PM
Angeline said:

I have Neptune in the 10th house opposing my Sun in the 5th house. My question is in regards to my profession as a choreographer. I always feel slighted during productions, something will happen like someone will take an idea out of my head without me saying it out loud and taking credit for it. I always feel like they know on a subconscious level they are plagersing my creative ideas. Another example will be that they will forget to put my name in the crdeits or just plain forget to introduce me after they introduce everyone else. This really sucks because my sun is in the 5th house and it offends me. It makes me downright angry that I don't get the recognition for my work. HOW DO I HANDLE THIS DIFFICULT ASPECT. It's getting to the point where I don't want to start new projects that my soul needs to communicate! Help!


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