The Moon in the Tenth House

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What does the Moon in the Tenth House mean?

The Moon in the Tenth House

The Moon in the Tenth House shows periods of public acclaim and/or notoriety in the life. The mother is likely to have been a person whose career may have had precedence over her relationship with her children. People with the Moon in this house need to feel they have a good influence on others, although prolonged periods in the spotlight may be emotionally draining for them. The nature of the Moon is not to shine all the time, so they will welcome those periods of relative anonymity.



6/25/2009 6:34:31 PM
Gabriel Pender said:

I cannot believe it this is so me!!!! I'd like to be famous, but realistically. I'd like to be known worldwide in periods. I feel like I have so much to give to the world. I feel like a know it all sometimes but I cant help giving people my views, and the funny thing is, the people who listen to my views always are drawn in and are gobsmacked at what I can dish out in a conversation.


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