About the Moon in Taurus

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About the Moon in Taurus

Having the Moon in the Zodiacal realm of Taurus when you are born tends to give you a very stable and methodical approach to your emotions. The Moon represents the realm of emotions and feelings as well as defining the cyclic nature of your life. Do not confuse "emotions" with "romance", though - love lives are the domain of Venus.

With your birth Moon in Taurus, your emotions will tend towards stable, familiar, and uncomplicated ground. It will be difficult to make choices that change your current emotional standing (such as attachment to a job or relationship), although dire circumstance or overwhelming evidence can be presented to help you through those choices. Likewise, when change comes upon you even with reasonable warning, you can experience a sense of loss and despondency when your emotional world changes.

At the same time, Taurus will create an expectation for a sense of "magic" and connection in your emotional interactions. An example of this would be finding yourself drawn to someone simply because they (in your mind's eye) "sparkle", or having a difficult time finding interest in someone that would logically be a good match but doesn't have that j'ne sais quois.

When it comes to having your Moon in Taurus, you know what you know about your emotions, and this can make adjusting your feelings for someone else a little difficult. Surprises are not your favorite thing - unless you know they're coming. Flexibility can seem scary, but allowing yourself gentle progress and persistence will make having relationships (romantic and otherwise) easier as time goes on.

There is another connotation to the statement "Moon in Taurus", and that is the monthly progression of the Moon through the house of Taurus. It lends a general feeling of stable footing in the realm of feelings, but it can also extend unnecessary squabbles by promoting stubbornness. It often provides a nice little break between the fiery impulsiveness of the Aries Moon and the airy changeability of the Gemini Moon. There are many good programs and sites available to track the current condition of the Moon's phase and Zodiacal position.



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